Next Level Deckbuilding Paperback

Next Level Deckbuilding Paperback


    Next Level Deckbuilding by Patrick Chapin "The Innovator" is a must-read for players of every experience level! The ultimate guide to mastering deckbuilding in Magic: The Gathering, Next Level Deckbuilding covers everything from beatdown to control, Standard to Commander, and manabases to sideboards. Next Level Deckbuilding also breaks down Magic's sixteen basic archetypes using the revolutionary Deckbuilding Wheel and explores the colorful history of the game's greatest deck designers.

    “Patrick Chapin’s Next Level Series is ideal for established players of Magic: The Gathering who want to improve upon their game play skills and abilities. The books are both a wealth of information, and are more akin to an advanced college textbook than a simplistic list of tips and tricks.” – The Professor


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