Fallout Commander

Fallout Commander

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    Release Date
    Friday, March 8th, 2024
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    Set Details

    The newest Magic the Gathering crossover Commander Decks are coming to a "Vault" near you, with the Universes Beyond: Fallout commander decks.[source]

    Product Lineup
    • Collector Boosters
    • 4 Commander Decks
    Commander Decks
    • Hail, Caesar (Red, White, Black)
    • Mutant Menace (Black, Green, Blue)
    • Science! (Blue, White, Red)
    • Scrappy Survivors (Red, Green, White)
    Set Mechanics & Keywords
    • Dice Rolling
    • Energy Counters
    • Proliferate
    • Rad Counters
    • Split Second
    • Squad
    • Storm
    • More TBA