Streets of New Capenna

Streets of New Capenna

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    April 29, 2022
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    Set Details

    Streets of New Capenna is inspired by modern urban ganster movies, focusing on gangs and organized crime. The set takes place in the Art Deco Noir metropolis of New Capenna, a city that has both grit and glamour. It is a place built by angels, but now ruled by five demon crime families battling for supremacy.

    Streets of New Capenna features an variety of card styles to accentuate cards. Art treatments range from the expected Extended Art and Borderless cards, to full-art basic lands, and card Showcases including Art Deco, Skyscraper, and Golden Age. All cards come in Non-Foil and Traditional Foil, while a select few come in Foil Etched, and some come in a new foiling process called Gilded Foiling that features a 3-D gold embossed border. While the Gilded Foils are 3-D, they are still legal for tournament play. Set and Collector Boosters for Streets of New Capenna will feature exclusive Commander cards following previous sets.

    Set, Draft, and Collector booster boxes from Streets of New Capenna include a Foil Borderless box topper "Gala Greeters" card. For the first time, the language of the box topper is localized to the language of the box, with each language having its own unique art![source]

    Product Lineup
    • Draft, Set, Collector, and Theme Boosters
    • Five Prerelease Packs
    • Bundle
    • Five Commander Decks
    Commander Decks
    • Obscura Operation (white-blue-black)
    • Maestros Massacre (blue-black-red)
    • Riveteers Rampage (black-red-green)
    • Cabaretti Cacophony (red-green-white)
    • Bedecked Brokers (green-white-blue)
    Set Mechanics & Keywords
    • Alliance
    • Blitz
    • Casualty
    • Connive
    • Cycling
    • Hideaway
    • Shield Counters