Star City Games® Deck Builder

The Star City Games® Deck Builder is the easiest way to shop for a deck of cards! Simply type (or copy/paste) a card list into the Decklist box, select any filters or options you choose, and click “Get my Deck!”.

You will be shown all the cards on your list, along with our prices for each card and which editions/conditions we have available. You may enter cards using any one of the following list formats:

Format 1

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Lava Spike
4 Rift Bolt
4 Skewer the Critics
4 Fire // Ice

Format 2

4 x Lightning Bolt
4 x Lava Spike
4 x Rift Bolt
4 x Skewer the Critics
4 x Fire // Ice

Format 3

Lightning Bolt
Lava Spike
Rift Bolt
Skewer the Critics
Fire // Ice

Additional Options
Autofill Quantities to Cart
Exclude Basic Lands
Limit to In Stock Cards
Limit to Tournament Legal Cards