Star City Games - Gold Collection

(1000 ct.)

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Star City Games - Gold Collection

(1000 ct.)
    • 1000+ Magic: the gathering cards. Commons, uncommon, rares, even foils.
    • Packed in a high quality exclusive 2-row cardboard box created especially for Star City Games collections. The perfect box to store and protect your collection.
    • May contain cards from Revised through the most current set.
    • A great way to start or add to a collection, and perfect for new players.
    • 945 commons and uncommons, 25 FOIL commons, uncommons or promotional cards, 25 rares, and a mixture of 5 FOIL rares and/or NON-FOIL mythic rares.

    All cards are from a variety of Magic: The Gathering sets throughout the years. There will be no duplication of the same card within the rare, foil rare, mythic rare, and foil common/uncommon rarities.