March of the Machine: The Aftermath

March of the Machine: The Aftermath

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    Friday, May 12, 2023
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    March of the Machine: The Aftermath takes us into the epilogue of the Phyrexian invasion of the multiverse as we explore the result of the plane-shattering war. As loose ends from the invasion are being tied up, new beginnings unfold across the planes.

    March of the Machine: The Aftermath once again shows off a plethora of showcase options with frame styles linking various spells and characters to their home planes. All cards come in Non-Foil and Traditional Foil, and select versions will have a chance to be either Foil Etched or the returning Halo Foil from the previous set. Unique to this set is the types of product one will be able to open as there are no Draft or Set boosters for this micro set of 50 cards. Instead, these options are replaced with Epilogue Boosters. Epilogue boosters contain 5 cards with one guaranteed showcase card and at least one foil in every pack. Collector boosters contain 6 cards and at least 5 of these cards will have a foil treatment. This set is not intended for drafting, but will be Standard legal.[source]

    Product Lineup
    • Epilogue and Collector Boosters
    • Bundle
    Set Mechanics & Keywords
    • Affinity
    • Constellation
    • Convoke
    • Landfall
    • Madness
    • Undergrowth